I'M PREGNANT! My First Trimester -the good, the bad and the ugly!

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Where do I even begin?

The first trimester of pregnancy for me was SO weird. I found out when I was 4 weeks pregnant. I remember running out the toilet to Trevor with my pants at my ankles, trying to pull them up with one hand and the POSITIVE pregnancy test in the other. IT WAS A MOMENT ILL NEVER FORGET!

On finding out I was the strongest and fittest I had been in a while and in such a good place with my training and my nutrition. Which was great thing looking back now because I’ve been able to get back into exercise pretty easily… but let me not jump the gun...

Week 4 & 5 were as normal, I slowed down a bit with my running but still ran, I ate completely normally and healthily as I always have. I didn’t have any pregnancy symptoms as it was still very early on (bear in mind some women have symptoms at this stage- so I was happy to feel “normal”). Anyways week 6 hit and I was like HELLO HORMONES. Slight nausea started creeping in but thankfully I was able to still go about my everyday things. I trained and ate normally so all was good and I was smiling. Then week 7 came and BAM - nausea and fatigue ARRIVED and graced me with their presence for weeks 8 & 9. I remember crying to Trev and saying ‘I'M NEVER FALLING PREGNANT AGAIN, HOW DO WOMEN DO THIS MORE THAN ONCE!?’. For 3 weeks I was basically in bed, I didn’t train and ate whatever my body was allowing me to eat. Which was mostly plain foods and some days I was able to kind of eat normally again. My diet mostly consisted of vinegary salty salads, 2 min noodles, pasta, avo on toast, Bovril on toast, cheese on toast and scrambled eggs on toast, did I say toast?? Also sourdough sandwiches (lots of bread #toast), Tasty Wheat porridge & Pronutro... I think that sums it up!

I LOVE my coffee, a good strong cup of coffee is my favourite thing and I completely went off it, I couldn’t smell or even see someone drinking it and I would feel ill. Therefore normal 5 rose’s tea was my new best friend. Oh and another thing - water - I could not stomach water. I was able to get my liquids in by sipping on fruit juice mixed with water, sparkling water, very cold water with lots of ice or rooibos tea. This for me was weird as I drink about 3 litres of water a day and at this point if I was able to get down 1 litre, it was a successful water drinking day. It is so important to keep hydrated while pregnant so although I struggled I kept on trying.

Week 10, 11 & 12 I slowly started to feel better, the nausea wasn’t as bad, the fatigue faded a bit and I was slowly moving past the 1st trimester DOOM and into the brighter 2nd trimester BLISS. At week 13 I’m seeing a trend in what I'm eating and the salty vinegary situation hasn’t changed. So if I make a salad ill make sure its super salty and vinegary, YUM! I've been loving salt and vinegar Simba chips oh and a jar of pickled onions- I.will.demolish!

Anyway as mentioned above after those terrible 3 weeks I slowly started to see the light! The nausea and fatigue faded and my energy slowly came back yay, I could finally move my body and do some exercise. That’s exactly what I did. In week 10 I was able to go for a few lovely runs along the promenade and breath in the ocean air but then sadly lockdown HIT us and now I was confined to an apartment with no escape. Luckily we have a small garage gym at home and I was able to continue to exercise. My workouts in my 1st trimester (once I started to feel better) were about 30 minutes long, 4-5 times a week, consisting of a combination of movements (strength and cardio) only using light weights or my body weight, making sure to monitor my heart rate at all times and listening to my body. It is so important to stay in tune with how you feel during pregnancy. Listening to my body and what it’s telling me has been so powerful. I have been intentional about this as no one else knows you and your body like you know you and your body!

So in conclusion I've learned that It is important to try to continue and go about my life as I always would have pre pregnancy (as best I can) with the obvious precautions as I now have a beautiful bean growing in my belly. So with that being said I need to be gentle with myself, rest when I need to rest and take a step back from the craziness of life from time to time. It’s a very weird time to navigate through. It’s almost a feeling of being completely out of control, I have found this new version of myself, this new feeling quiet challenging but beautiful and interesting and empowering and exciting at the same time. There is so much to look forward too. I already can’t wait to meet this tiny little blessing in my belly.


Sending lots of love to my fellow prego mamas, YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!


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