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What is a Nutrition Coach?

As a Nutrition Coach, I will help and guide you along your new & improved healthy eating path, where together we will work towards your goals with how to eat better and right for you. I will empower you to adopt habits that place you on the path to a healthier and happier future.

If you are wanting...

weight control

restful sleep

food intolerance help

improved energy

improved digestion

meal plans & recipes

improved immunity

balanced skin

guidance for fussy eaters

advice for choosing and using wholesome foods and ingredients

...then you have come to the right place!
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How It Works

1 / Booking with me


a. On confirmation of your booking, I will send you a health questionnaire which is a comprehensive review of your health symptoms, lifestyle, goals and a 7-day food and mood diary.

b. The questionnaire needs to be returned via email for analysis before your initial consultation. This will help me to identify possible lifestyle and dietary factors which could be contributing to your health concerns (if any).

2 / At your consultation

We will set up 30-45minute 1-on-1 consultation in person or via Skype/WhatsApp call. Together we will agree on your health goals and work out a realistic programme for you to follow.


You can expect:

a. A full explanation of my understanding of your health concerns.

b. A discussion of foods that may be contributing to your ailments (if any).

c. The explanation of any possible vitamin and mineral deficiencies and advice to correct these.

d. A detailed nutritional programme including diet plan and nutrition guidelines.

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3/ After the consultation


You will receive a 4-week programme to follow before you return for your follow-up consultation. If you should have any questions or feedback during this time I will be available via email with a guaranteed 72 hour response time.

4 / Follow up consultation

Additional follow up consultations work on the same principle as the initial one. This is important as I will review your programme and see which of the recommendations have worked well for you.


You can expect:

a. A full review of the programme

b. Adaptation of the programme in light of any difficulties experienced in following it

c. Addressing of any new symptoms/change in circumstances since the last consultation

d. A detailed nutritional programme for the next stage of your coaching

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Interested in starting your new nutrition journey?

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, I am a Nutrition Coach therefore my nutrition consultations cannot replace your GP’s advice.

Always consult your GP if you are suffering or suspect you may be suffering from any medical condition.